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At our graphic design company, we believe that simple, bold, and stylish designs are the way to go. We know that when it comes to effective communication, less is often more. That's why we strive to create designs that are elegant, pleasing to the eye, and easy to understand.

喺我哋嘅公司裏面,我哋相信簡單、大膽和時尚嘅設計係必需。 我哋知道要做到最有效嘅宣傳方法就係:簡單,直接,易明。 呢個就係點解我哋一直都創作優雅、賞心悅目而且易於理解嘅設計。


At Ianick Design Studio, we offer a comprehensive range of design services all under one roof. From graphic design to printing, web design to product photography, we've got you covered. No more wasting time searching for different companies to handle your design needs or getting multiple quotes for promotional materials.

Ianick Design Studio係一間可以提供一站式設計服務公司,有平面設計、印刷、網頁設計同埋產品攝影,令你唔使再嘥時間去搵唔同嘅設計公司,攝影公司、印刷公司報價同製作宣傳品⋯⋯


Looking for high-quality graphic design services? Look no further than our graphic design ! Our team of skilled designers can help you create stunning visuals for all your marketing needs. From logos and branding to web design and social media graphics, we've got you covered.

 We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch designs that not only look great but also effectively communicate your message to your target audience. Plus, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life in every project we undertake.

So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about how our graphic design services can help take your business to the next level!

正在尋找高質嘅平面設計服務? 睇吓我哋嘅平面設計! 我們技術熟練嘅設計師團隊可以幫到您創作令人驚嘆嘅視覺效果,滿足您所有營銷需求。 從商標和品牌到網頁設計和社交媒體廣告,我哋都可以滿足您嘅需求。

我們以提供一流嘅設計而自豪,呢啲設計唔單止睇起嚟好正,而且仲可以有效咁將您嘅信息傳達給目標受眾。 另外,我哋同客戶密切合作,確保佢哋的想要嘅嘢喺我哋承接嘅每個項目中得以實現。

仲等?! 即刻聯繫我哋,詳細了解一下我哋嘅平面設計服務係點樣幫助您嘅業務更上一層樓!


We understand that time is money, which is why we work quickly and efficiently to deliver high-quality product photos in a timely manner. Plus, our rates are affordable, so you can get professional-quality photos without overspending.

Our photographers are experts at capturing the essence of your products and making them look their best. We use top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to ensure that every photo is crisp, clear, and visually appealing. 

我哋明白時間就係金錢,就係呢個原因我哋提供快速高效同時保持高質嘅產品相片。 另外,我哋嘅價格實惠,你唔需要擔心喺超支嘅情況下就可以得到專業品質的相片。 我哋嘅攝影師具有獨特嘅眼光,鐘意捕捉產品精髓同時呈現產品最佳狀態嘅專家。 我哋用最新嘅影樓設備和技術,確保每張相片都清晰而且有視覺吸引力。


The internet is currently the main source of information, and a website is important for any company. That's why we can also help you design a website. Our services include:

  1. Website design (HTML / HTML 5)
  2. Website development
  3. Website maintenance
  4. E-commerce solutions
  5. Web banner design & Social media post design


  1. 網頁設計(HTML/HTML 5)內容管理系統(CMS)
  2. 網站開發
  3. 網站維護
  4. 電子商務解決方案
  5. 網頁橫幅設計和社交媒體帖子設計